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Welcome! No matter you are here as a collector of snuff bottles, a businessman, or just a web surfer coming here by chance.

Here you will learn about the history of Chinese snuff bottle and how the inside painting snuff bottle is made. You will find over two hundred  photos of snuff bottles including various inside painted snuff bottles, Guyuexuan, Peking glass, porcelain, carved bone, shell etc. Besides snuff bottles, we also supply inside painted glass balls ornaments, Christmas eggs, Beads of Buddha, bracelets and other ornaments.

Let's begin our pleasant journey of handicrafts from here.

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Bone Snuff Bottle

Cloisonne Snuff Bottle

Peking Glass (Glass Overlay)

Inside Painted Snuff Bottles

Gu Yue Xuan Snuff Bottle

Inside Painted Items

Porcelain Snuff Bottle

Wooden Snuff Bottle

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