Snuff Bottle Catalog

We provide total about 20 kinds of snuff bottles for your reference.

1, Inside painting snuff bottles by hand:

for collectors, please refer to the web page of  the Master in our web site and enjoy the works of Master of Inside Painting Arts, Mr.Zhang Rucai;

for business, please refer to the inside painting snuff bottle good quality and please refer to the inside painting snuff bottle common quality


2, Guyuexuan snuff bottle

Guyuexuan originated in Kangxi, Qing Dynasty. It is made by painting on glass roughcast with enamel color and treating it with high temperature. Due to high degree of technology difficulty, only small articles such as snuff bottle, cigarette dish were made in the imperial kiln.


3, Glass overlay (Peking glass) snuff bottle

4, Porcelain snuff bottle

5, Enamel snuff bottle and 3 other kinds: carved bone snuff bottle/ horn snuff bottle, color glass

6, Carved wood snuff bottle and 5 other kinds: wood snuff bottle inlaid with mother-of-pearl, walnut snuff bottle, shell snuff bottle, metal snuff bottle and common stone snuff bottle

7, Resin snuff bottle and 5 other kinds: jade snuff bottle, amber snuff bottle, clay snuff bottle, areca snuff bottle, crystal snuff bottle


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